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2015 The 10th Beijing International Swimming Pool Sauna & SPA Expo

Date: 27-29th April 2015
Place: Beijing - China International Exhibition Center



Unique supporting fair by China Ministry of Commerce
The professional service in Hot Spring, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Bath, SPA, Pedicures,
Health Preserving & Wellness 

Industry Development Trend in China: 
With the increasing development of social economy and human living standard, people concentrated more attention on recreational areas. Swimming, sauna, spa, hot spring, fitness and massage have gradually become people’s new concept of healthy living. According to the latest statistics by Ministry of Commerce, at present there are more than 12000 domestic swimming pools and water parks in China. Pool, Spa, sauna enterprises reached more than 180000 and possessing 3800000 employees, the growth rate of pool, spa, sauna, bath, fitness, massage, sub-health conditioning industry in china even reach 80%, which makes china no doubt become the focus of global suppliers.

Exhibition History:
Beijing International Swimming pool Sauna & SPA expo has been held successfully for 9 years continuously. The exhibition always insist on walking towards the professional way, which specially serve for hot spring, swimming pool, sauna, bath, SPA, foot massage and health preserving fields. Also, it is the only one professional fair of continuously holding in China, and the best domestic fair in the aspects of exhibition’s scale & area, industrial influence, reputation, effect, dealing volume and service, which achieved the accordant accreditation & commendation from the industry.Moreover, it is the unique fair organized by China professional industrial association.
From January 1, 2011, China National Tourism Administration executed new version of star hotel rating, the new standard increased score basis and rules for swimming pool, sauna, hot spring, fitness center and Spa. Star Hotel must be equipped with relevant facilities and functions to obtain a higher score, which provide unlimited business opportunities for the manufacturers, designers, engineers and service providers in the industry.Recent years, for the effect of china policies and industrial development trends, the large business operation and service places, like hotel, swimming pool, bath, fitness, business club and Spa center, are expanding their services and functions gradually. Also, the integrated service places of vacation, leisure, health preserving, bath, accommodation, catering, fitness, business negotiation, sub health conditioning and other functions have been formed. There are very huge demands for new products, new technologies, new projects and new ideas. The 10th Beijing International Swimming Pool Sauna & Spa Expo will further integrate industry resources; provide wider customer resources and development space for the exhibitors, also, an all-around, high level & high efficient cooperation platform for the industrial chain link.

Advantages of Beijing Expo
1, Beijing International Swimming Pool Sauna & SPA Expo has been held for 9 years continuously from 2006 to 2014, which is the only one professional fair without interrupting and delaying in China. Also, it is the unique fair organized by China professional industrial association
2, the 9th fair included nearly 200 domestic & foreign exhibitors and 500 booths, which increased to a higher level, also, the scale, area, industrial influence, reputation, effect, dealing volume and service of this fair were universally accredited by the industry, moreover, over 85% exhibitors reached the dealings on the site.
3, the exhibition is organized by China General Chamber of Commerce— China National SPA Committee, Beijing bath Trade Association and Beijing Polar Region Tong Da Exhibition Co., Ltd, also, the official letters were sent by more than 30 domestic & foreign industry associations to support this event.
4, several relevant forums will be held during this fair, also, the organizer will specially invite the leaders from the supporting industrial associations and the responsible people & owners from the engineering projects of constructing, pre- constructing & reconstructing, moreover, high quality accommodation and grand    reception banquet will be offered in order to facilitate industrial communication deeply.
5, both “Beijing Swimming Pool & Fitness Venues Distribution Map” and “Beijing Bath & Chamber Distribution Map” are the earliest publications of the industry.
6, the most comprehensive & newest resources & information of the industry were accumulated by organizing the previous 9 exhibitions.

Exhibition Matching Publications:
1, for better industrial communication and effective application of industrial resources, which were obtained in recent years, from Oct 2012, the organizer periodically published the special magazine, named Pool SPA Life, which was published every two months and offer more promotional opportunities for the exhibitors.    Also, our services and information were extended to both before fair and after fair, and another significant communicating platform was provided. It is issued to the industry for free and printed 5 thousand journals every time.
2, from 2007, “Beijing Bath & Chamber Distribution Map”, which included the information of over 5 thousand square meters area of baths, holiday villages, saunas, Spas, health preserving, foot massages, and chambers, as well as address, telephone & expending, was published on Feb each year; also it has the storing value for long term.
3,“Beijing Swimming Pool & Fitness Venues Distribution Map”, which firstly collected the information of more than 1000 opening swimming & fitness centers throughout Beijing on Feb 2013, will be published at the end of each year; also, the information of swimming & fitness venues' names, specific addresses, telephone numbers and prices will be included, and it is the first time to comprehensively & systematically clear up & release industrial information in China.
4 China Swimming pool Spa & Sauna industry Supplying and Purchasing Reference, which classify industrial products & suppliers, and clear up & release detail customers’ resource, which accumulated from past 9 years exhibitions. Also, the reference will collect more than 3000 professional manufacturers. All the suppliers’ information will be issued to professional customers and purchasers for free and the reference will be published on Nov.2014.

About the Venue:
China International Exhibition Center is the core enterprise of China Exhibition Group, which is subordinate to China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), as well International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Also, it is the unit of Council Chairman for China Exhibition Association, and also the member of China Enterprise Confederation (CEC), International Expo Alliance and International Association for Exhibition Management (IAEM).
China international Exhibition Center has 8 exhibition halls, and 60000 square meters of indoor venues, 7000 square meters of outdoor exhibition area, 10000 square meters of parking area, 10000 square meters of container space and 3000 square meters of customs bonded warehouse. The equipments of water, electricity, heating, cooling and telecommunication are full furnished. Also, the huge lecture halls, conference rooms, technology communicating rooms, trade negotiating rooms and Chinese & Western restaurants are all located in. Moreover, most of large-scale exhibitions and conferences have been held here. And the units of customs, transportation, construction, tourism and restaurants are all inside the hall. The exhibitors can get various kinds of related services and needlessly go out of the exhibition gate. Furthermore, China International Exhibition Center, on the northeast of Beijing, is located in NO. 6 east of North Third Ring Road(北三环东路6号), where the transportation is very convenient: 10 km from the city center; 5 km from the embassy area and 20 km from the airport., And there are more than 20 restaurants beside the exhibition hall.  After the exhibition hall was established in 1985, more than 800 exhibitions have been held here, and the showing area exceeded 9000 thousand square meters. Also, many kinds of well-known fairs effectively promoted the domestic & foreign cooperation of economy & technology and trade dealings.



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