2014 The 9th China Beijing Expo Summary

The 9th China Beijing International Swimming Pool Spa Sauna & Health Preserving Expo Summary


The 9th China Beijing international swimming pool spa sauna & health preserving expo, held on 1st  April 2014 at BeijingChina International Exhibition Center No.8B Hall, has been held successful for 9 years continuously, once a year. The exhibition always insist on walking towards the professional way, which specially serve for hot spring, swimming pool, sauna, bath, SPA, foot massage and health preserving fields. Also, it is the only one professional fair of continuously holding in China, and the best domestic fair in the aspects of exhibition’s scale & area, industrial influence, reputation, effect, dealing volume and service, which achieved the accordant accreditation & commendation from the industry.

The exhibition is organized by China General Chamber of Commerce— China National SPA Committee, Beijing bath Trade Association and Beijing Polar Region Tong Da Exhibition Co., Ltd, Also, more than 30 domestic & foreign industry associations support this event, such like, China East International bath Spa & Hot Spring Committee, Singapore Spa & Wellness Association, Japan Hot Spring equipment & Hygiene Management Association, China Spa Association, India Spa Association, Canada Spa Association, Malaysia Spa Association, German Sauna Association and so on. Moreover, the exhibition scale, the number & quality of buyer and transaction volumes created a new high: 192 exhibitors &460 standard booths include 6 foreign exhibitors. According to the organizer, during the 3 days of exhibition, around 10200 professional visitors & buyers attended the show include more than 60% of directly decision-makers, such like, investors, owners & senior managers. Futhermore, more than 85% of exhibitors signed the bills on the
exhibition site and gave the high eva luations on the fair.
Under the new situation, bath spa industry is faced with new adjustment and transformation: during this exhibition, several important industry communicating activities & forums were organized by China General Chamber of Commerce-China National SPA committee and Beijing Bath Trade Association and many association presidents & secretary generals from domestic & overseas hot spring bath & lavipeditum industry were invited to deeply discuss the issues, challenges & government department communication of bath Spa industry.
Related Activities:
March 31
14:00-15:00  China SPA Standing Committee
15:30-17:30  Associations Presidents & Secretary-generals Meeting
April 1
9:30-11:30   Founding Convention of Northern SPA Purchasing & Supplying Alliance
14:00-17:30  2014 China SPA Culture Festival- Learning Industry Typical Character Story & Creating high-quality Service Brand” Launching Ceremony 
18:00-20:00  Reception Banquet
April 2
9:30-12:00   2014 International Hot Spring Development & Related Technology Forum
13:30-16:30  2014 China International SPA Development & Management Forum
Reception Banquet
The show was strongly supported by various related industry associations. The organizer invited the leaders from hot spring bath & lavipeditum associations and the responsible people from the engineering projects of constructing, pre-constructing & reconstructing to live in Beijing Great Hotel. The reception banquet was held in Beijing Great Hotel on April 1 afternoon. Around 300 suppliers, the leaders from industry associations and the purchasing decision-makers from constructing, pre-constructing & reconstructing participated the reception banquet, which was filled with warm atmosphere and provided the facility for the deeply industry communication.
Industry Publications
1, For better industry information communication, from Oct 2012, the organizer periodically published the special magazine, named Pool SPA Life, which was published every two months and offer anotherp significant platform for industrial communication.
2, From 2007, “Beijing Bath & Chamber Distribution Map”, which included the information of over 5 thousand square meters area of baths, holiday villages, saunas, Spas, health preserving, foot massages, and chambers, as well as address, telephone & expending, has been published 8 years continuously, which has the storing value for the long term.
3, “Beijing Swimming Pool & Fitness Venues Distribution Map”, which firstly collected the information of more than 1000 opening swimming & fitness centers throughout Beijing on Feb 2013, will be published at the end of each year; also, the information of swimming & fitness venues' names, specific addresses, telephone numbers and prices will be included, and it is the first time to comprehensively & systematically clear up & release industrial information in China.

We do all the efforts for setting up a communication platform between the exhibitors & the audiences and offering more communication opportunities to the industry. We believe our efforts could be seen by all the customers & industry colleagues, and sincerely invite you pay attention to our next year exhibition.

More information:   010-85860966 Contact Person: Iris Wang
Beijing Polar Region Tong Da Exhibition Co., Ltd
21 April 2014 

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