Thanks to our supporting industry associations

With the great development of "Beijing International Swimming Pool Sauna & Spa Expo", It has become the necessary platform for industry proffessionals to exchange information and technology discussion.
So far many industry associations offer us great support, in a big degree it strengthen the relationship among the industry units. We believe that we are bound to make more contribution to industry chain all around the world.

Now we would like to express our sincere thanks to the following exhibition support units:

China East International bath Spa & Hot Spring Committee
China Hot Spring Development Association
Shanghai Bath Industry Association
Henan Commerce Association Bath Committee
Nanjing Bath Association
Shijiazhuang Bath Industry Association
Guangdong Zhuhai Health Care & Massage industry Association
Jiangsu Yangzhou Bath Industry Association
Fujian Tourism Association Hot Spring Committee
Singapore Spa & Wellness Association
Japan Hot Spring equipment & Hygiene Management Association
Jiangsu Bath Industry Association
Tianjin Bath Industry Association
Shandong Qingdao Bath Service Association
Shanxi Xian Bath Industry Association
Zhejiang Ningbo Bath & Leisure Industry Association             
Shanxi Bath & Foot Bath Industry Association
Jiangsu Wuxi Bath Industry Association
China Spa Association
India Spa Association
Malaysia Spa Association
Romanian Association of Balneology
Korean Spa Society
Russian Wellness Association
Slovenian Spa Association


Link:Romania Supporting Letter     Slovenia Supporting Letter     Korea Supporting Letter

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