The Establishment of Northern SPA Purchasing & Supplying Alliance

The Establishment of Northern SPA Purchasing & Supplying Alliance

Under the new situation, in order to protect SPA industry development, decrease the procurement & operating costs of SPA enterprise and play a bridge role between SPA & Supplying enterprises, on April 1, Northern SPA Purchasing & Supplying Alliance was established in Beijing by Beijing SPA association, Tianjin SPA association and Shijiazhuang SPA association. More than 40 SPA supplying enterprises from all over the country became the member of Northern SPA Purchasing & Supplying Alliance. Also, the leaders from relevant supervisor department & national associations attended and made the speeches. More than 100 SPA enterprises representatives attended the founding conference.

The purposes of the league foundation are: promoting the SPA enterprises’ collectivization & large-scale directly procurement; decreasing the intermediate circulation to improve the purchasing quantity, reduce the price and save the purchasing cost; optimizing the structure of SPA industry to reduce the operation & logistics costs of supply & demand; establishing the purchasing order of SPA industry and the new procurement mode; cultivating high quality supplying enterprises. The purpose of alliance is offering high quality, low price, service, integrity & multi-win services. Also, after having some experience, it will expand the scope of commercial activities to hotel, catering, tourism & beauty areas and become the base of purchasing & supplying alliance in the multiple developmnt formats.

 The leader of Beijing SPA association said, after establishing, the alliance will play a better link & bridge role in order to promote the communication & exchange between SPA enterprises and suppliers in north China. At the beginning of union establishing, the information & operation platforms for purchasers & suppliers will be built, which will bring multiple safeguards in price, quality & after-sales service aspects for all the alliance members, and it is beneficial for the development of the enterprises with purchasing behaviors transparency and standardization. Meanwhile, the centralized procurement meeting will be held every 3 months, which could reduce the intermediate links, enhance transparency and decrease the cost & human disturbance factors. Also, this kind of purchasing & supplying method in the form of alliance will be the inevitable development trend of enterprise management in the future.

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