Maintenance of Swimming Pools


Maintenance of Swimming Pools

     In the summer all feel like going for a swim. The swimming pools are the place most appealed in these days. To remove the heat and to freshen up with a good bath is something to what few ones can resist. Lucky some of them have a swimming pool deprived at home or in your summer holiday place, but before giving him the first bath, it is convenient to put to point the swimming pool to make sure that dangers exist neither for the health of your family nor for yours. The cleanliness and the good maintenance are keys to arrange of a swimming pool in ideal conditions. 

     It is necessary to measure the pH of the swimming pool at least once in week. Your value must be comprised between the 7,2 to the 7,6 so that it is effective. If it is necessary to increase it or to diminish it, you will have to use a product of pH specific for it. Also it is necessary to verify weekly that the level of chlorine is between 1 and 1,5 parts for million.  Whenever you add new water to the swimming pool you must analyze again the level of pH and the chlorine .

    A very comfortable option for the cleanliness of the swimming pool , is to buy a robot limpiafondos . It is a question of a device that, placed in the fund of your swimming pool , covers soil and walls cleaning and recycling the water. It is convenient, of course, to clean the filter of the device every a little weather to prevent from deteriorating. Your price depends much of the type on model, they are from the 100 to 3000 euros. Everything depends on every economy, the type of swimming pool and the needs that you have.

     Finally, he remembers that your swimming pool exists the whole year. Do not forget her during the winter. Although you are not going to use it it is convenient to take care of it if you want to leave flood during the whole year, as they recommend the environmental associations to help to the water saving. For it you her can keep on throwing chlorine during the whole year or use products that preserve the water.


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