Information about different kinds of Swimming Pool

Information about different kinds of Swimming Pool


     Before installing the wonderful swimming pools in Etobicoke, let us understand the different kinds of pools available in the market, so that we know the options we have with us.

Inground pools
     They are the most popular kinds of pools owing to the flexibility they offer when it comes to pool design and formats. They are built in the ground and allow scope for lots of installations. Dive boards, steps, lightening, etc. can result in a timeless and classy appeal and are extremely popular installations with swimming pools in Etobicoke.

Above-ground pools
     When you want your pool and you want it immediately, above-ground pools are the best option. These are ready-made structures that can provide solace and relaxation to five or six people in one go. Installation is easy and quick and does not require any major effort or manpower. Being ready-made, they offer many standard sizes, colors and capacity at competitive rates. Customers can also opt for custom pools made as per their specifications.

Vinyl-lined pools
     An amalgamation of the advantages of inground and above-ground pools, they look as classy and sophisticated as inground pools but are as easy to maintain and as cost-effective as above-ground pools. For installation, the ground is dug and a wooden, plastic or metal structure is erected along the walls of the hole. The vinyl lining is then affixed to this peripheral edifice while sand is put in the bottom. The Vinyl-liner presents many options in pattern, designs and colors and provides effective immunity against the extremities of weather.

Fiberglass pools
     Plastic, the wonder material of 20th century, fascinates the aficionados of swimming pools in Etobicoke as well. The fiberglass-reinforced plastic is treated to form various shapes and sizes and is equipped with plumbing installations to make it suitable for swimming. The entire structure is surrounded by a concrete deck making it long-lasting and durable.

Gunite pools
     Concrete, is known for its durability, strength and agelessness. Gunite, which is a mixture of cement and sand, is mixed with water and sprayed between steel rods forming the perimeter of the pool hole. Upon drying, this reinforced concrete is smoothed manually using trowels.


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