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New Jersey Medical Spa News: The Beaura Spa in New Jersey Offers Massage Therapy for Better Health
     A massage therapist for 20 years, Patty continues to add to her repertoire at the Beaura Spa in New Jersey.
     For first-timers to NJ massage therapy, she recommends starting out with the Swedish technique. It is a very light, relaxing all over body technique as an introduction to treatment. Shiatsu is another light touch therapy that is combined with the Swedish for the Beaura Spa’s signature massage. Using the fingertips, pressure is applied along the meridians of the body, which are on either side of the spine.
     Patty’s therapeutic massage is deeper and she combines it with trigger point therapy. By applying pressure to the affected trigger points, she releases the tension and toxins built up in that specific area. It is so effective, she says, “I had one client cancel a carpal tunnel surgery after I treated her with trigger point therapy.”
     Patty also offers reflexology New Jersey which is an ancient therapy with the philosophies of Eastern medicine behind it. “I can correct any problem in the body through the feet, hands and face.” Because these areas are connected with the meridians running throughout the body, she can access and area that otherwise couldn’t be treated. “If a client is in so much neck pain that I can’t touch it, I can find that area on the foot and work out the issue.” She adds, “It is really an amazing therapy. I watched a client’s neck spasm as I was working that specific area of the foot. It was amazing!”
     For pregnant women, Patty strongly recommends having a pre-natal massage every other week after the first trimester. It greatly relieves the pressure on the back as the baby grows and can help make the labor pains more bearable. Patty cautions, “Make sure the therapist is trained in pre-natal technique. There are certain areas that must not be touched and only someone with the proper training should perform the therapy.”
     Athletes come in for a sports massage. As a preventative treatment, they come in before the activity to enhance their performance. After the activity, they come in for therapeutic treatment to relax the fatigued muscles and stave off injury.
     Patty also works with Parker Center cosmetic surgery patients as a part of their Rapid Recovery Program. By performing a lymphatic massage NJ ten days post-op, circulation of the fluid is improved so there is no pooling of fluid and excessive swelling. This technique targets the lymphatics of the body to keep the fluid moving and it also moves out the toxins. Surgical recovery is accelerated as a result.
     The ancient art of Reiki is also part of Patty’s repertoire. Though it is not massage, it is very relaxing and therapeutic. Using guided meditation, Patty channels her energy into the client by placing one hand on the head and the other over the heart. Her energy helps them find a mind/body balance and release the trapped negativity.
     Massage therapy NJ shouldn’t be viewed as just a luxury. Yes, it is very relaxing, but it also performs a very important service to the body by increasing blood and oxygen flow and releasing the congestive toxins in the body. The practice is for everyone. “Babies as young as 6 months old can get a massage to help with issues like colic and senior clients greatly benefit from the improved blood flow,” says Patty. “It’s not the age, but the intensity and amount of time spent in therapy that varies.”

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