Sauna Basics Guide

      Sauna Basics Guide

     The sauna is an insulated room which is heated to 80 - 100 degrees Celsius (176 - 212 Fahrenheit) using rocks heated by, preferably, wood. Electricity and gas may also be used for less traditional saunas. It is designed for bathing nude in hot air while constant wafts of hot moisture from heated water is thrown on the rocks.
     There are two types of sauna. The traditional sauna released steam to heat the environment of the cabin while the infrared sauna heats the body instead of the air. There were scientific reports that infrared heat can get a person a particular cardiovascular exercise even without workout making it the preferred choice amongst sauna users.
     An electric sauna heater is very easy to maintain compared to a wood burning heater. Just wipe the stainless steel surface with a soft cloth and mild detergent. A wood burning heater needs to be removed of ashes on a regular basis. Exhaust pipes must be free of obstructions and dirt buildup to prevent a possible fire.
     Sauna is wonderful for rest and relaxations. There are many health benefits gained through the use of a sauna. It is claimed to be good for cleansing body toxins, losing weight, relieving the symptoms of arthritis and lowering cholesterol. Whether you have a professional installed sauna or you install it yourself by purchasing the parts or a kit, a sauna is a great addition to any home spa.
     Many people who have had the experience of relaxing in a sauna have enjoyed it so much that they have decided to build a sauna in their homes. Saunas are popular in gyms and workout facilities. The sauna provides heat in temperatures of one-hundred degrees and sometimes even greater. While most people would cringe at the thought of going out in hundred degree heat, the sauna controls the humidity in the room so not only is the heat bearable, it is also relaxing.
     After experiencing the sauna, it probably wasn’t difficult deciding to build one inside your own home. The difficult part comes in knowing what needs to be included in the sauna. The good news is that beyond the basics, the choices are all yours as to what should be included in the sauna. You can customize it as much or as little as you wish depending on your preferences.
     Enjoy your sauna after a long hard day of work. Or you can use it to relax your muscles after a workout. The possibilities for using a sauna are virtually endless.


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