Swimming Pool Water Quality Standards

Swimming Pool Water Quality Standards

Similarly with international standards, China swimming pool water treatment process is via controlling & monitoring swimming pool water quality to meet well sensory properties of water and no pathogenic microorganisms & harmful chemicals in the water in order to ensure the reliable quality of swimming pool water.
The implementation of 《Swimming Pool Water Quality Standard》(CJ244-2007)played an important role in managing China swimming pool locations, preventing diseases spread and safeguarding swimming pool. The main emphasises as follows:
Water Quality
Water quality limit shall ensure well senses , to prevent the risk of waterborne infectious disease and better maintain people’s health in the premise of microbe safety.
Turbidity Requirement
From the disinfection and security concerns, the turbidity of swimming pool water treatment should be higher than drinking water hygiene standards. Considering China national conditions, the turbidity limit is 1NTU.
PH Value
Due to the effect of sterillization of the most disinfectants depends on PH, it must keep in the best effective scope. So, in the swimming pool water treatment, it is very important to adjust the water PH, which is stricter than the requirement of the impact from drinking water PH (6.5-8,5).
Total Dissolved Solids(TDS)
Total dissolved solids means, the sum of all inorganic metal, salt & organic matter, but not including the suspended material in the water, which could control the update of the water quality.

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