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Directory AD Price of magazine Site:210mm*285mm
Front Cover 3000
Second Cover 1500
Third Cover 1200
Back Cover  2500
Across Color Page 1200
Title Page 1200
Color Page 800
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Items Standard Advertise rooms Price(RMB) Number
Advertises include: introduction、address list、directory、excellentthesis、summary 210mm×285mm Cover 20000/P Only One
210mm×285mm Back Cover 16000/P Only One
210mm×285mm 2nd Cover 10000/P Only One
210mm×285mm 3rd Cover 8000/P Only One
420mm×285mm Color 8000/P Unlimited
210mm×285mm Head Page 10000/P Only One
420mm×285mm Foldout 12000/P Only One
210mm×285mm Insert 5000/P Unlimited
Bags undetermined   RMB20000/5000(per) Only One
Opposite the Ticket undetermined   RMB5000/30000(per) OnlyThree
Number Advertise items Standard/Place(meter) Unit Unit price/exhibition period(RMB) Remark
01 Balloon Diameter 3,Scroll 15 (High)×1.4(Wide),Free in side Per 7500.00 Only two
02 Triangular pyramid Bevel edge 10.5 Hemline 8. Right-angle9.7(High) Front square of 1st hall Per 4000.00 Only three
03 Road flags 1.5(High),0.45(Wide) Besides the walking road Side 350.00 Only 200 side
04 Wall scroll 10(Length)×12(High) Right face to No1 Hall Bar 33500.00 Only one
05 Wall scroll 13(Length)×7.5(High) Right face to No1 Hall Bar 29000.00 Only one
06 Wall scroll 24(Length)×6(High)(or8)Right face to No1 Hall Bar 33500.00或40000.00 Only one
07 Wall scroll 24(Length)×3(High) Right face to No1 Hall Bar 18000.00 Only one
08 Wall scroll 24(Length)×4(High) Right face to No1 Hall Bar 29000.00 Only one
09 Billboard 4(Length0×3(High) Entrance Block 6500.00 Only ten
10 Advertise in Hall 4.75(Perimeter)×2.7(High) Column in No1 Hotel Block 4000.00 2 in all
11 Advertise in Hall 7(Length0×0.8(High)+1(Length)×3.5(High) besides roller shutter door Block 7500.00 6 in all
12 Billboard in Hall 4(Length)×3(High) besides roller shutter door Block 5000.00 9 in all
13 Advertise in doorpost 0.81(Wide)×3.88(High) Block 4000.00 2 in all 

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